Alabama Rapper HoneyKomb Brazy Shares Story Of Sharing Jail Cell With His Dad For 6 Months

HoneyKomb Brazy has seen plenty in his short time in Hip Hop. The Alabama native revealed on Instagram on November 21 an old jailhouse photo between him and another man, who Brazy revealed to be his father.

The story was referenced in Brazy’s “D.A Truthe ‘Gucci Flow’” track. In an interview with SayCheeseTV, the Alabama rapper further explained how he and his father spent time together behind bars for six months.

“They just put me in the cell with him,” he told the outlet. “When I got out of lockup, I was in St. Claire but I kept getting into shit over there so they ended up kicking me out. So they sent me to gotdamn West Jefferson in lockup. When I got out of lockup, they put me right in a cell with my daddy.”