Dwight Howard Allegedly Exposed By Gay Ex-Boyfriend, Twitter Goes Crazy


Dwight Howard Allegedly Outed By Gay Ex-Boyfriend, Twitter Is In Shambles

Dwight Howard is having a bad weekend. A man—who at first many assumed was trans but identifies as gay—took to Twitter to accuse the NBA center of having threatened him after they engaged in intimate relations he wanted to keep on the down low.

Twitter, as usual, has alot to say.

Masin Elije is speaking her truth, allegedly, and putting D. Howard on full blast. The thread is legit incredible. It features trnas sex parties, a homophobic preacher allegedly running interference and receipts in the form of audio recordings and screen caps.

But even better may be the Twitter reactions. We collected the best of the slander, while ducking any unnecessary transphobia and homophobia because…it’s 2018.