Gunna Says Young Thug is the Best Rapper Alive

During a chat with Young Thug for Interview Magazine, Gunna named Thug as the best rapper alive.

Young Thug interviewed his close friend Gunna about the release of his latest album, WUNNA, and at one point, Young Thug asked Gunna who he thinks has the rap game on lock right now and who is on the rise. 

Gunna stated, “Got the game right now? Me, of course. This is another season and I’m going MVP, I promise, no kizzy. As for who’s hard right now? It got to be Nechie. That boy ain’t playing no games. He’s under the radar, but he’s fixing to real-deal pop out. Everybody don’t know him. As soon as we get out his record, he’s going to be heard of.” 

Later on, Young Thug asked Gunna “…who is the best rapper alive?,” Gunna stated, “It would have to be you, Slime, on god. You make the most songs out of everybody. Anybody can rap and make songs but you’re making real songs. It’s hard to do that. I understand it because I make songs, too.” 

The two friends then spoke about never liking to be in an empty house, Gunna’s penchant for keeping a clean kitchen before he goes to sleep, and Gunna having a pet peeve about women not having their toes done.