“Juwanna Mann” Actor Miguel Nunez Jr. Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Groceries

According to reports, ‘Juwanna Mann’ star Miguel A. Nunez Jr. was arrested for allegedly taking groceries from a Ralph’s store in Los Angeles.

Nunez was reportedly checking out while at the Ralph’s this past week when his credit card declined. The actor allegedly took his groceries in the shopping cart he had and just walked out of the front door without paying any type of money. From there, Nunez allegedly returned to the same store a couple of days later, but wasn’t allowed to enter. Along with that, the police were called after a citizen’s arrest was made.

The police showed up and gave Nunez a citation for misdemeanor shoplifting, then sent the actor along. While the coronavirus pandemic is happening, Los Angeles police are reportedly not jailing and booking people for minor offenses.

Nunez claims that he was in a long line and got tired of waiting, so he decided to leave with his groceries and come back another day to pay. However, when he tried to come back, the store manager denied his entry and allegedly told him he wasn’t special.

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