LA Rapper G Perico Talks With Snoop Dogg About Gang Life, Sold Out Shows, Jheri Curl & More

G Perico is coming for the West Coast crown. But instead of violence or intimidation, the new millenium G-funk genius is taking the Southland’s top spot with slick rhymes, catchy hooks and knocking beats. Born and raised in Los Angeles’ notorious gang culture, G Perico picked up music as a way to stay out of trouble after a couple jail bids and hasn’t stopped going hard since, dropping three full projects in 2017, including the masterful 2 Tha Left, released this past December. Now, G is selling out shows across the country, signing record deals and palling around with celebs, but that still doesn’t mean you’ll catch him outside without his patented Jheri Curl or blue flag.

On the latest episode of GGN, G Perico joins Uncle Snoop in the studio to share stories from their kindred past and soak up game from the OG. The duo breaks down what it’s like to grow up inside of LA’s notorious gang scene, why Jheri Curl is so important to the culture and what it feels like to sell out shows from New York City to Sunset Boulevard.

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YRN Lingo – Lingo Kong

YRN Lingo - Lingo Kong

Migos YRN artist YRN Lingo is back with a new project called “Lingo Kong.” The EP is 4 tracks in total with features from Yung Mal, Lil Quill, Goonew, and Lil Dude. Production is handled by TyThaPlug and SlickGoHam.

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Paid N Full Rocky – Based On A True Story

Paid N Full Rocky  Care For Me

Paid N Full Rocky delivers his new project “Based On A True Story.” The mixtape is 14 tracks in total with feature guest appearances from Winn Billion, Pesos, and Chi Chi. Production is handled by Wheezy, TBE, Will A Fool, Quay Global, CashMoney AP and more.