Rapper Foogiano’s Concert Leaves 2 Dead, 8 Injured

Rapper Foogiano who was performing at the Lavish Lounge nightclub when a shooting killed two people and injured eight on July 5 in Greenville posted a video on social media Monday saying he was not responsible for the. 

“That… ain’t my fault. I don’t promote violence,” the Atlanta-based rapper Foogiano, whose real name is Kwame Brown, said in a three-minute video posted on his Instagram account Monday afternoon.

Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis said Sunday that investigators believe people who are affiliated with the rapper might have been involved in the shooting.

“From watching some of the video footage from in there, most of it may be from, maybe some of his staff,” Lewis said. “I wouldn’t call them followers. They were probably traveling with him, but I don’t think he was directly involved.”