Taylor Swift Sends $3,000 to Fans Who’ve Taken Financial Hit During Coronavirus Crisis

Business closures and massive layoffs have understandably left many Americans worrying about paying rent, buying food, and generally surviving the crisis without a stable income.

On Wednesday night, a number of Taylor Swift fans were on social media claiming they had received $3,000 from the 30-year-old artist as well as a message of support. Holly Turner told E! News she had received the money shortly after opening about her financial struggles via Tumblr.

Samantha Jacobson was also stunned Wednesday night when she realized she had received $3,000 from Taylor Nation, LLC. According to Entertainment Weekly, Jacobson lost her job as a cocktail server at Disney World in Orlando; the outbreak prompted the owners of a third-party bar to close its doors for about a month, leaving her strapped for cash.