FBG Duck’s Mom Says They Found The Shooters Of Her Son

Federal law enforcement officials say they are charging five Chicago street gang operatives with racketeering in the 2020 Oak Street hit on Carlton Weekly, a popular rapper known as FBG Duck, who was said to have been shopping for a birthday present for his son when he was cut down in a mob-style attack.

Now, the feds are using a law first aimed at mobsters to prosecute the five.

On Aug. 4, 2020 it looked like an old-time Outfit attack on Chicago’s Oak Street: two attack cars, four shooters and a hail of bullets. But, the target wasn’t a 1930s gangster. He was a new millennium rapper: FBG Duck. Investigators and city officials say he was a gang member whose videos had irked members of a rival gang. Five of the alleged rival gang members stand charged with his killing under the RICO statute: the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. In 1970, that law was created to help dismantle traditional organized crime.