Vivica A. Fox Calls Young Thug a “Sexy A** Looking Cockroach”

Vivica A. Fox Calls Young Thug a

Recently, Young Thug made comments about Jay-Z during an interview with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267, saying that he has more anthems than the Brooklyn rapper. Since then, Young Thug received backlash and ultimately ended up walking back his statement. Now, Vivica A. Fox has commented on Young Thug during a convo about his Jay-Z statement, saying the rapper looks like a “sexy a** looking cockroach.”

While on ‘Cocktails With Queens,’ Vivica’s co-host Claudia Jordan asked if she thought Thugger was attractive during a convo about Thug’s comments on Jay-Z’s anthems. Vivica A. Fox ended up saying, “He’s just like a good sexy ass looking cockroach. And I don’t mean that mean. He looks like– it’s like the hair, you know what I mean? He’s got rockstar qualities. Like, he would be a great animation character.”